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Christmas is coming and many people’s thoughts are turning to parties and celebrations. For non-Brits working in England, I thought it might be useful to give a run-down of what awaits you in the next few weeks.

The Office Do

First, there’s a good chance that your company will organise some kind of in-house party or restaurant dinner. You should try to go if you’re invited. Many UK bosses value theteambuilding aspect of these events, and they’re a good opportunity to get to know your colleagues better without having to speak too much (just nod and laugh if the music is loud…). Many Brits like a drink, especially at Christmas, so be prepared to see normally respectable executives getting more than a bit tipsy. If you’re trying to keep up with the rounds, remember that a pint is a lot of beer, and some of the bars your bosses might take you to after dinner could put a serious dent in your credit card, especially in London.

Christmas Eve

On the night of 24 December, any parents of young children will probably be busy helping Santa to deliver the industrial-sized sack of individually-wrapped presents that most English kids get if they’re moderately good. Christmas is normally a family affair, so younger colleagues often go away to spend the holidays with their parents and it might be a good night for video
calls with your own people back home. If you do go out, you’ll find people in the pubs as always, and some will attend Midnight Mass in the local church, often after warming up in a bar for a few hours, so the quality of the carol-singing is variable.

New Year

New Year’s Eve is more of a party night, which usually means an early dinner before you start the serious business of drinking. Many pubs will charge you to enter after a certain time of the evening, and it can be difficult to get in anywhere as the clock gets closer to 12. If you find a place where you’re comfortable, especially if there are seats for you and your friends, you
should probably settle down for the night and prepare for the serious risk that you will be showered with beer on the stroke of midnight!

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Best of luck and, whatever you end up doing and wherever you are, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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